Challenge Schedule for 2018

Six Challenges, Two Phases, One Year

Are You Ready For The DoMagick Challenge?

The Challenge Phase 1 (Research) Phase 2 (Do Magick!)
 1. Focus Meditation  January  February 
 2. Self Alchemy, Ascension, Cleansing March April
 3. Enchantment May  June
 4. Summoning  July  August
 5. Invocation September October
 6. Talismans November December

Challenge One: Focus Meditation

Dates: January (Phase 1) & February (Phase 2)

While December was meditative acts,  February’s challenge is about different forms of meditation. In this challenge, we are honing our focus & concentration skills. Moving or Still, the goal is to revisit the techniques and skill of focus, body control, emotional control, and present.

Example Techniques:   ZaZen Meditation, Qigong, Chakra work, Meditative work, self-hypnosis

Challenge Two: Self Alchemy, Ascension, Cleansing

Dates: March (Phase 1) & April (Phase 2)

In the past challenge, we honed our skills of focus. As we continue the journey we’ll need to examine points within ourselves which need integration. The goal of this challenge is to ascend our limitations, alchemize our blocks and cleanse ourselves so we can have a fresh start. March is a full month of opportunity to map & reflect on the blocks & things needing transformation. April is the action month. 

Example techniques: Qigong, Chakra work, Bath, Elemental work