Winners of the first 30 Day Energy Challenge

nike-4Congradulations to Several Winners of the 30 1st Day Energy Challenge

You are all Awesome.  Super Congradulations.  




Winners So Far Include:

So what does this mean?

The Winners Will get the Following 🙂

  • A certificate from Andrieh Vitimus.
  • An opportunity to talk for 15 minutes or so on Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole
    to talk about their experience ( In January ), and how doing the daily work will help.
  • The Pride… and bragging rights…. so Pleae do… brag its an amazing accomplishment.  


Currently the prizes are as follows:

  • Mira Black cat Wash and stones
  • Travis  Money Draw Mojo bag
  • Asthorith  Jupiter Seals
  • Thalia Door opening Mojo
  • Dylan Training His Choice
  • GaijanRoot Akashic Records
  • Chip  Green   Skull Candle
  • Amy Simon   Pyramid Candle
  • Zac  His Choice of training From Andrieh Vitimus
  • Fred Akashic Records 
  • Joseph Black Cat Wash and stones

I will try emailing you AGAIN!!! got to have your address to send out the prizes.

Participents Meet up at the Crucible?  October 26, lets do it.

Would anyone like to?  email me at