These are some resources that Andrieh produces or fully supports that could help you make the most out of the Challenges.  We will have more and more resources available as we produce them, included suggested e-books for each magical challenge.   Take the plunge and do, and if you need some support Andrieh is available.


Hands On Chaos Magic

Hands On Chaos Magic is probably THE most relevant and useful how-to magical training manual out there today. Andrieh Vitimus has created a witty, engaging guide to becoming a skilled practicing magician. With exercises pulled from traditional magical paradigms and techniques, pop culture, psychology, conjure… There is a little bit of everything in here and readers will get a well-rounded and diverse magical education.

A warning: This isn’t the sort of book that one reads cover to cover with their legs propped up on the recliner, kicking back with a nice cup of tea. It is a HANDS-ON TRAINING MANUAL of magic. This book isn’t for the armchair magician who just wants to know enough to argue and debate magical theory or dismiss the book as one thing. It is for the serious practitioner who wants to establish foundations of solid techniques in order to build and support a meaningful regular magical practice. You really don’t know what you’re looking at until you’ve actually WORKED your way through this book and have DONE the exercises and rituals within.

The philosophy of Hands On Chaos Magic is firmly based in the art of DOING THE MAGICK and has led directly to the creation of the #DOMAGICK platform. Fans and followers have demanded an interactive base of operations to share their experiences. The overwhelming response has been that the experiential focus and the sharing of those experiences has been extremely helpful and that these experiences go far beyond “book learning” (no matter how awesome the book!) Get the best of both worlds by picking up your copy of Hands On Chaos Magic AND jumping into the #DOMAGICK challenge!

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The Shapeshifting 365 course is a  tour de force magical course, we cover all aspects of self-transformation including cognitive science, extreme energy work, and finally even essence or soul transformations.  This year+ course ( do it at your own pace), is meant to go deep into the currents of magic with an emphasis on self-transformation and the great work but all aspects of non-dogmatic magic are covered.

This course is fully immersive and non-dogmatic.  To really get the course down, you have to do.  This is a deep dive into the fabric of magic.

Glamours. Self-Transformation. Radical Detachment Through Continuous Transformation. Astral And Etheric Shapeshifting. Shapeshifting And Information Sorcery. Energy Shifting And Energy Transformation. Vitality Building Internal And External Alchemy/Body Transformation. Reality Tunnel Transformation. Direct Noetic Spiritual Transmission. Personality Reconstruction. Influence And Persuasion Magic. Useful Self-Transformation Techniques. Paradigm Shifting As Shapeshifting. The Beauty Of Self-Mutation. Invocation. Evocation.  Cast Magic as spirit. Dimensionality of Spirit. Astral magics. And this just scratches the surface!!!!!

Free preview mp3 and webinar lectures available.


Let’s work to get your plans and goals moving forward. Using NLP, cognitive science, deep coaching, divination,and magic, Andrieh walks with you down a journey of success that transforms the self, making your goals pop and zing as if you can taste, see and hear that already manifested success. Do you need help figuring out what the road should be or how to implement it? Andrieh can work with you to create a strategic and tactical plan for your magic and life steps. Do you need practical magical training or assistance in a trouble spot? Andrieh has over 20 years of magical experience. He can work with you to develop techniques and methods that work for you in the situations you are working with, and using the systems you feel most comfortable with. Let’s walk the road together and DO.