About the Current Challenge

The June 1st magical challenge presents an interesting challenge we like to call Enchantment Plus.  For this challenge, you are to enchant to bring something(s) into your life based on magical work and these can be an increase in money, a new love, better, health really anything you wish with a caveat.   The enchantment work has to be placed inside a greater 30 day on the ground plan including actionable non-magicak steps hence the plus to the enhancement.  The additional part of this challenge, is that all magical work should actually be in your 30 day life plan and winning the challenge means successfully navigating life steps with enchantments.  Now, that said, you still need to do some sort of meditation or magick every day, but self-reflection counts.  Click here to see how the challenges work and how you can succeed!

Critical Dates

  • Research Start:   May 1st.
  • Unbroken Magic Start:  June 1st – July 1st
  • Award Ceremony Via Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole:  Some time in August


Andrieh Vitimus

Andrieh Vitimus


My blog for the Current challenges will be at ( and most will be youtube videos Here)

Andrieh Vitimus's Bio

Andrieh Vitimus is author of the modern magical classic Hands on Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation Through the Ovayki Current. Andrieh is motivates, facilitates ideas and rocks workshops across the world. He is published in The Anthology of Sorcery II, Pillars II, Devoted, Engaging the Spirit World, Walking the Path of the Ancient Ways, VISIONARIUM-Brevier 1: Reisen in die Anderswelt (German Edition), Magick on the Edge anthology, the Manifesting Prosperity anthology, The Pop Culture Anthology and the Best of Konton Magazine anthology. Vitimus is holds the highest initiatory rank in Haitian Vodou, that of Hougan Asogwe, is a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, and NLP practitioner and a licensed hypnotherapist. Currently, Andrieh Vitimus is faculty at Peter Carroll’s Arconorium College and is Co-host of Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole, Founder of http://domagic.com/.

Zachary Lui

Zachary Lui

Zachary's research blog here & his Vlogs of the 1st Challenge.

Zachary Lui's Bio

Zachary is formally trained in various Eastern practices. An expert in Qigong, he also has trained in Shaolin Kungfu and Internal Martial Arts such as Yang Taiji Chuan, and Baguazhang. He is a Certified trainer and Shaman in the Quantum Life Science Institute, having studied directly with Andrieh Vitimus for several years and has specialized in Pure Land Buddhist and Daoist magics. Currently, Zachary teaches Qigong, Meditation, and Stillness. He is a Usui Reiki Master and considered a powerful folk priest by his peers in the community.

Val Llewlaka

Val Llewlaka

Val will be posting her challenge here.

Val Llewlaka's Bio

A student of life, literature, and art. An initiate and an instrument of Quantum Life Science Institute. Immersed in the plant people and the oldest of earth’s grandmothers and grandfathers. A Tarot enthusiast. Chosen by Ogoun at the crossroads of Pappa Legba. Gifted by Lakshmi, XI-Wangmu, Tiamat, and the fey. A fiber artisan and motorcyclist dedicated to family, via biology and choice.

Sindder Streg

Sindder Streg

Sindder's challenge will be posted at his blog.

Sindder Streg's Bio

Sindder Streg has been practicing magick for almost 10 years. His work has been inspired by chaos magick and the pragmatic dharma scene. He has a major focus in meditation, awakening, and mental states with a generous smattering of practical magic, spirit work, and tarot.

He will be posting his challenge: fromthecushion.wordpress.com



He will be posting, here

Chip's Bio

Chip is a returning veteran of various legendary magical30 challenge. A renown magic user of little acclaim . Who has been studying magjick since before the dawn of time before the internet even. Though it wasn't until one fateful day the young mage stumbled upon an ancient grimorium which channeled the lost majygickx of the Ovayki. after many centuries of pouring over this vast enumerable tome. He found a wise and spry sage that pushed him to actually do more then just read about maeygjieckxs... but to DO THEM. Scandalous, I know, but have heart Chip has made it many time through the sages fire and you will to. Now come and join this latest quest and DO the Magic.

William Briar

William Briar

He will be posting his challenge at his blog.

William Briar's Bio

William Briar is an artist and author living in the Great White North. He fell in love with the occult when he wandered into a metaphysical shop at the age of thirteen and has studied every magickal paradigm he could in the years since, from chaos to ceremonial. He has practiced core-shamanism since 1997 and became a Reiki Master in 2016. Many of his short stories and paintings feature symbolism particular to his faith, which he writes about regularly at www.demonolatry.org. He is a member of the Temple of Atem and looks forward to completing his seminary training there.

William Briar's Challenge Log


  1. Introducing my topic - http://williambriar.com/school
  2. Accepted into College - http://williambriar.com/domagick-june-july-plans

Domagick Enchantment Challenge

  1. 1st spirit - http://williambriar.com/vapula
  2. Charging - http://williambriar.com/june-domagick-2
  3. 2nd spirit - http://williambriar.com/ipos
  4. Charging - http://williambriar.com/relax-with-demons
  5. 3rd spirit - http://williambriar.com/purson
  6. Speaking to an advisor - http://williambriar.com/june-domagick-day-6
  7. Starting over - http://williambriar.com/mistakes
  8. School interview - http://williambriar.com/domagick-day-8
  9. Loan application - http://williambriar.com/thanks-to-purson
  10. How-to post - http://williambriar.com/cleansingbreaths
  11. Relaxation and planning - http://williambriar.com/june-domagick-day-11
  12. 4th spirit - http://williambriar.com/botis
  13. Small gains - http://williambriar.com/every-day-little-something
  14. Very small gains - http://williambriar.com/slow-moving-summer-adventures
  15. Gratitude post - http://williambriar.com/thanks-botis
  16. The daily routine - http://williambriar.com/a-good-week
  17. Work VS relaxation - http://williambriar.com/relearning-relaxation
  18. Low effort - http://williambriar.com/lazy-sunday
  19. 5th spirit - http://williambriar.com/amon
  20. Celebrations - http://williambriar.com/solstice
  21. Frustrations - http://williambriar.com/on-hold
  22. Sick - http://williambriar.com/domagick-day-22
  23. Scattered intent - http://williambriar.com/intent
  24. Results of experiment - http://williambriar.com/notes
  25. Disk instructions - http://williambriar.com/day-25
  26. 6th spirit- http://williambriar.com/camio
  27. Confusion - http://williambriar.com/thinking-in-circles
  28. How-to post - http://williambriar.com/tarot-spread
  29. Divination - http://williambriar.com/four-of-cups
  30. Final assessment - http://williambriar.com/precision

Éris Kallisti

Eris's challenge will be posted here

Éris Kallisti's Bio

Eris has studying all kinds of magick for around 15 years now and was always a solitary practitioner. Her thing is demonolatry, which she sort of stumbled upon when she started making goetia plush dolls. She has not stopped since.

 Tiger Lili

Tiger Lili

She will be posting on her Blog

Tiger Lili's Bio

Lili has been an occultist for almost 20 years, studying Hellenic and Kemetic magic, Judeo-Christian mythology and comparative world religions, Tibetan and Nichiren Buddhism, and Goddess oriented spirituality. She has a Master's degree in business where she studied economics, calculus and statistical analysis, believing that mathematics is the language of the universe, with interest in astronomy, numerology, qabala and sacred geometry. A mother and business owner, as well as a musician and belly dancer, one of the classes she developed and teaches is how to use dance (particularly serpentine and ecstatic dance) to connect with the divine. Her blog, "Life in the Lap of Lilith," chronicles her service to the dark Goddess Lilith.

John Hill

John Hill

John is posting his challenge, here

John Hill's Bio

Novice magician who has gotten some amazing results. Novice martial artist who knows enough to know when to walk away. Musician/wannabe writer. I've worked in many different fields from corrections to offshore on supply boats in the oil field and beyond. I am what you would call a jack of all trades/master of none. I almost always side with the underdogs, and am afraid of no spirit, creature or man with the exception of my wife on her period.