How to Join

the current challenge

Email Andrieh To tell him you want in to the challenge. Include a picture, your blog address where your challenge points will be posted, your facebook or twitter account where you will post with the #domagick hashtag, and an optional bio. We will add you to participants.

To Win ( Requirements )

1. Research and Public Summery of Research

One of the key points of sharing on the #domagick is not only to provide individual level accountability, but to provide a roadmap so other people could follow along the research and repeat it.  We have found that everyone can improve with the magic by doing a little research even on things they know well, but this is not just book research we mean.   Research could include a series of spiritual negotiations, experiments and one-off rituals to create a building momentum going into the process and a certain level of refinement.

We have found it a best practice that if people are working with a spirit or technique, they actually do a 5 to 1 ratio ( or less)  of book learning to doing.  I know many of the ceremonial magicians will gasp at that, but really doing the technique or spiritual contact will actually greatly refine the learning process.

To summarize, these steps could involve rituals, academic research and doing.  

2. 30+ Days of Unbroken Magical Work

30 or more days of daily magical work.   Some days will be easier than others.

3. Unbroken Journal of your Magical Work

If the magical work is not journaled, it did not happen.  That said, we know some days you will just have to skip the journal but you have to fill them all in.

4. Share on Social media with #domagick

More often than not, for this to be a meaningful experience, it has to be shared.  The reason?  So people can inspire you and you can inspire others.  This chain of upward inspiration is exactly what we are focusing on in the uncomfortable social matrix we have fallen into.

5. Email submission of points 1-4

To win the challenge you have to email the administrators of the domagick site at with the following things.

  1. Your research posts.
  2. 30+ day links to the videos, blogs, notes, etc in a publically available way.
  3. 1 screenshot of at least one social media post with the #domagick hash to either twitter, facebook, youtube, or tumbr.

We strongly recommend a naming convention the title of your blogs or notes such as  

‘CHALLENGE NAME’ Day #3 Short Description

For the research posts:

‘CHALLENGE NAME’  Research #4 Short Description

So A Sample Victory email will be

Subject:  “Name of Magical Challenge” Victory Summary.


  1. Self Transformation 2/2017  Research 1 Kicking it  as a link.
  2. Self Transformation 2/2017  Research 2 Kicking it  as a link.

Daily Work

  1. Self Transformation 2/2017  Day 1 Kicking it  as a link.
  2. Self Transformation 2/2017  Day 2 Kicking it  as a link.
  3. . . .  down to  30 +

Screenshot of the post with the #hashtag.

6. Claim the glory of victory.

First, obviously magical growth is the greatest gift as is inspiring others, but victory will come with many other potential perks.

  1. People WILL be inspired by the work you do, and you will be creating upward spirals in other people’s lives.  Trust me, if you care about this, you will make the world a better place and people WILL do magic as a result of the posts.
  2. We will celebrate you on Deeper down the Rabbit Hole and I can tell you from experience, you will get mad street creds ( from the magical community who actually does magic).
  3. Several publishers having seen the production and creativity in the last runs are willing to take a stab at doing an anthology of domagick ( and maybe multiple anthologies).  The research has to be good and detailed, but it’s easy to go from the solid research and 30 days of magic into excellent anthology contributions.  The difference between the #Domagick approach and many anthologies is simple, you can backup your article with a level of authenticity that let’s face it, is often missing from occult materials.  People will know the difference, and if you have aspirations as a writer, this can make a huge difference.
  4. We are all working toward shifting the culture in massive and meaningful ways.  You might think, nah.. But trust us when I say there are occultists and magicians who are managers, doctors, lawyers and even politicians.  The narrative right now is often charged, but your blog posts really bring home the human side of what we do and really people can see that this is a viable yet difficult path.  Trust me when I say, you will make a difference even when people see you succeed.