About the Current Challenge

The September 1st magical challenge forces us all to remember what we have forgotten.  Remember that time when your mind just absorbed information, and everything generated wonder.  For this challenge, you are to work with a new system, set of techniques, or use any new experience or hobby to force yourself into the beginner’s mind and use it.  Get excited about your magic again. Ideally you would use the new techniques or paradigm does as often as possible in the 30 days.  Now, that said, you still need to do some sort of meditation/energy work or magick every day, but self-reflection counts.  Click here to see how the challenges work and how you can succeed!

Critical Dates

  • Research Start:   August 1st.
  • Unbroken Magic Start:  September 1st – October 1st
  • Award Ceremony Via Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole:  Some time in November


Andrieh Vitimus

Andrieh Vitimus


My blog for the Current challenges will be at ( and most will be youtube videos Here)

Andrieh Vitimus's Bio

Andrieh Vitimus is author of the modern magical classic Hands on Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation Through the Ovayki Current. Andrieh is motivates, facilitates ideas and rocks workshops across the world. He is published in The Anthology of Sorcery II, Pillars II, Devoted, Engaging the Spirit World, Walking the Path of the Ancient Ways, VISIONARIUM-Brevier 1: Reisen in die Anderswelt (German Edition), Magick on the Edge anthology, the Manifesting Prosperity anthology, The Pop Culture Anthology and the Best of Konton Magazine anthology. Vitimus is holds the highest initiatory rank in Haitian Vodou, that of Hougan Asogwe, is a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, and NLP practitioner and a licensed hypnotherapist. Currently, Andrieh Vitimus is faculty at Peter Carroll’s Arconorium College and is Co-host of Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole, Founder of http://domagic.com/.

S. Connolly

S. Connolly

Stephanie Joins us via her blog at www.sjreisner.com

S. Connolly's Bio
Sindder Streg

Sindder Streg

Sindder's challenge will be posted at his blog.
Sindder Streg's Bio

Sindder Streg has been practicing magick for almost 10 years. His work has been inspired by chaos magick and the pragmatic dharma scene. He has a major focus in meditation, awakening, and mental states with a generous smattering of practical magic, spirit work, and tarot.

He will be posting his challenge: fromthecushion.wordpress.com

Val Llewlaka

Val Llewlaka

Val will be posting her challenge here.
Val Llewlaka's Bio
A student of life, literature, and art. An initiate and an instrument of Quantum Life Science Institute. Immersed in the plant people and the oldest of earth’s grandmothers and grandfathers. A Tarot enthusiast. Chosen by Ogoun at the crossroads of Pappa Legba. Gifted by Lakshmi, XI-Wangmu, Tiamat, and the fey. A fiber artisan and motorcyclist dedicated to family, via biology and choice.


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