The 30 Day Entity Challenge

The first 30 Day Entity Challenge is now CLOSED.

The 30 day entity Challenge is pretty simple and I guarantee LIFE CHANGING

This is an intermediate to Advanced Challenge. Every time I have done this, it has changed things dramatically for me.  I know people out there who would recommend doing this excercise for years, but really I believe 30 days will do it. This Challenge is primarily for people who have my first book and are practicing at a level beyond the beginner stage. No offense, you dont have to do this-no one is forcing you, and people pushing the "fear" aspect should be ashamed of themselves- and I mean that.  I will be doing it, you can do it too.  This page will be updated to clarify the contest if I need to.

It would be helpful if you had Hands on Chaos Magic. Most of the hints I will give on this page will be from Hands on Chaos Magic.  You can click the image to get one.

The Challenge

Step 1:  Email Andrieh at and ask to be admitted to the Challenge. Log in to this site with Google, Twitter, or Facebook.  

Once in, Andrieh will give you permissions to post.

You must post each and every post under the category of 30 Day Entity Challenge, and you must TAG the post with the Entities name. You can see that with the Example first post Andrieh Posted.

Hands-On Chaos Magic

Step 2:  Pick an entity. Spend 2-3 weeks researching the entity and work out an evocation or invocation of the said entity.  Try to run through this and test it.  The Invocation or Evocation should take longer then 30 minutes and should be intense. Of course, intense could mean meditative, but really should be a balls to the wall ritual.  All of your prep work, has to be meticulously documented and you have to put it all on the web page and tagged with pictures, research notes and documentation. If you are trying the ritual to iterate it, please post each interaction.

Step 3:  Set a date to Start.  From that Date, Do the ritual with the entity for 30 days after the start date. Document it on this site.  In the title (so Andrieh can work on making this all pretty) put ' Day 1:  Username or Name (as in yours)- Journal with (your Entity). Include pictures of the ritual if you can. Write out how the ritual went, and odd things happening in your life.

Step 4: Transform

To Win The Challenge

Every day from the start date has to be entered in. No Backdating (although you may post after midnight).  All details of the prep work and ritual have to be cited. The Journal must contain your prep work and 30 consecutive days of actual work. A picture each day might help. Basically, Don't fake it.

Andrieh can tell just by reading the entries. 🙂


If you meet the Challenge

I personally will ship you a Hands On Chaos Magic T-Shirt and if you want I will have you on a Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole radio show where we are going to all discuss our experiences and I will really praise your awesomeness If you come to Cleveland, I'll personally take you out to eat and seriously Toast in your honor.  

Why the Hell would Andrieh do this

First, in all honesty, promotion. But that's not the most important or real reason. Really, I want to prove a point to everyone.

Magic can change your life, it just takes a little effort. 30 days IS enough to transform your life- with dedication, and would give most people a real taste of what can happen.

This shakes things up

It will open doors.