30 Day Energy Challenge

Official Start Date of the Challenge will be September 1st, but you can start between September 1st and October 1st, 2013.  The basic idea is pretty simple.  Do 30 minutes or more of what you consider energy work for 30 days with no breaks and you will be in a raffle to win prizes from various stores.  Everyone who gets through the 30 days will get a prize.  This is an all levels challenge from beginners to masters.  Everyone can get useful things out of this challenge.

Now for the contest to be fair there are some rules.

  1. You must email andriehvitimus@gmail.com to tell him you are in the contest ( part of this is to keep spammers at bay, but also to clearly demark starting dates).
  2. You must post your prepary work before the contest and they should be labled with a title that looks like

    • PREP WORK: Setting up juicer and doing research on Japanese Energy Work 
  3. You must post your daily work, and the title of the posts should be labeld with a title that looks like:

    • Day 5:  Gigong was hard today..
  4. Every day must be journaled on this site.  What you did, how you felt etc.  While you do not have to cover personal images and the like, although we hope you will, it is important to include enough details so someone can follow your methods, and can track your results.  Equally they should be able to clearly get a sense of your own progress.
  5. Some detail has to be giving about the system or modality you are using and your posts should be tagged with those modalities.  So if you are doing Chakra work and Chilel Gigong, you should tag your posts with both of those.
  6. You have set the category for your posts to be the Energy Challenge 1, for it to show up right.
  7. To be entered for a prize, the posts must be public.
  8. To be entered for a prize, you must be part of the Quantum Life Science Newsletter ( you can sign up here).
  9. In the preparation work, you should give the methodologies, you are using.

To get your post featured on the first page, your post must have a featured image and should have category of the Energy Challenge 1, and the On Front Page Categories  ( It will show up on the front page then).  The featured image can be any size, but the images on the front page are only 217 px wide.  Pictures, if you are comfortable, of yourself doing the work are strongly encouraged.  Additionally, while Andrieh eventually needs the winner's real addresses ( to mail the prizes), people can use handles or whatever else they fell they need.

( More Updates coming ).