Challenge Outline for 2019

Six Challenges, Two Phases, One Year

Are You Ready For The DoMagick Challenge?

The Challenge Phase 1 (Research) Phase 2 (Do Magick!)
 1. Focus Meditation  January  February 
 2. Applied Divination March April
 3. Cleansing, Self-Alchemy May  June
 4. Enchantment July  August
 5. Spirit Work September October
 6. Talismans November December

Challenge One: Focus Meditation

Dates: January (Phase 1) & February (Phase 2)

This challenge is about different forms of meditation. In this challenge, we are honing our focus & concentration skills. Moving or Still, the goal is to revisit the techniques and skill of focus, body control, emotional control, and present.

Example Techniques: ZaZen Meditation, Qigong, Chakra work, Meditative work, self-hypnosis

Challenge Two: Applied Divination 

Dates: March (Phase 1) & April (Phase 2)

In the last challenge, we honed our focus & concentration skills. For this segment, we continue to build on those skills and expand upon them. In Applied Divination, the goal is to work with any type of Divination system and then apply changes to one’s life from it. By practicing a Divination system, one can then reflect upon the world internally and externally. With that information, one can make better decisions & apply changes.  

Example Techniques: Tarot, Yijing, Runes


Challenge Three: Cleansing, Self Alchemy

Dates: May (Phase 1) & June (Phase 2)

In the past challenge, we honed our skills of focus. As we continue the journey we’ll need to examine points within ourselves which need integration. The goal of this challenge is to ascend our limitations, alchemize our blocks and cleanse ourselves so we can have a fresh start. May is a full month of opportunity to map & reflect on the blocks & things needing transformation. June is the action month. 

Example techniques: Qigong, Chakra work, Bath, Elemental work

Challenge Four: Enchantment

Dates: July (Phase 1) & August (Phase 2)

The Enchantment challenge could use any techniques such as candle magic, sigils, even servitors. Enchantment, in this case, means doing work for external results as opposed to internal results. Any projective magic for results.

So there an infinite ways to do this challenge. One could do a sigil every day for 30 days ( such as or a person can do a hoodoo style ritual such as a lamp for 30 days. Other possibilities including doing self-reflection, chakra work, or energy building for 6 days and then one larger ritual on the 7th day.

Example Techniques: Sigils, Candle magics, Mantra work, thought-form project, etc.

Challenge Five: Spirit Work

Dates: September (Phase 1) &  October (Phase 2)

Our journey continues. In the last challenges, we’ve gone from cleansing to projective outward results-orientated work. For this challenge, we now combining the skills of meditation, cleansing, divination and external projection of intentions to work with something external of ourselves. Summon a spirit or a set of spirits for 30 days to transform an aspect of your life. Remember, the official rules are still here, and you need to have 30 days of 30 minutes unbroken and some sort of journal entry for each day.   

Example Techniques: Evocation or Invocation of spirit(s)

Challenge Six: Talismans

Dates: November (Phase 1) & December (Phase 2)

This challenge is about creating talismans. A talisman is a physical object, item or substance which resonates with an imbued intention. Any techniques to use to empower a talisman is on the table for use. Remember, the official rules are still here, and you need to have 30 days of 30 minutes unbroken and some sort of journal entry for each day.   

Example Techniques: Evocation & Invocation techniques to empower Talisman, Qigong, Chakra Energy work, Herbal Magick