30 Day Talisman Challenge

This Challenge is an intermediate challenge but you could get the needed skills for this challenge through October.

Again, Hands-On Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation through the Ovayki Current has the needed set of techniques to create one, so get the book already although any system of talismanic creation is acceptable.

The official start date is November 11, 2013 and you can start up to December 31st.  

To start the challenge so I can give you posting access to this site

1.  Log in to the site with any social media account.

2.  Email me at andriehvitimus@gmail.com and tell me what your account is.



The Winning Conditions

Part 1:  Devise and post a ritual of Talisman creation.  I mean it, to be eligible the ritual has to be posted.  It is perfectly acceptable if you use the Necklace Talisman e-book, which will be available.   The ritual should include the components needed. Note: You do not need to make the talisman yourself, you do need to consecrate and empower it though.

Part 2:  Devise and post a ritual to empower the talisman on a daily basis. 

Part 3:  Repeat the talisman empowerment ritual every day.  Post your experiences on the http://thefirst.magical30.com with no breaks posting and doing one empowerment per day.

Part 4:  On each post, you must include a link to the original creation ritual, and a link to the daily empowerment ritual so people can follow what you are doing.  I MEAN IT.  It would be great, if you could tag the posts with the paradigm or system you are working with.    

Part 5: Post at least 3 times to any social media network, about the challenge (although ideally you’d post your posts).  Andrieh is trying to make that easier to do.

Part 6:  Have to be signed up to our newsletter.

MegaSUPER Bonus Challenge:  First get a friend, or even better get a group of friends to sign up to the Challenge.  Then proceed to create, empower for 30 days and finally gift the talisman as a gift either to one person or participate in a Round–Robin/Circle/Random Exchange (this is where each person gets a random talisman from the pool). 

I strongly recommend that all talismans be of a positive intention for those exchanging (UNLESS the partners really know each other and can handle it, don’t exchange negative talismans).


So again we will have prizes for the winners.  Certificate and more.  The winners of the MegaSuper Bonus Challenge will get an additional talisman created by Andrieh, probably a money draw talisman with instructions (but this is subject to change). 


Some additional notes:

This challenge may or may not involve entities and an example of a successful talisman would be one that enlivens the object with the essence of a spirit with no other intent.

Some possible other suggestions are:

  • Good Luck Charms
  • Mojo Bags
  • Blessed necklace
  • Enlivened Artworks
  • Statues
  • Blessed amulets
  • Parchment
  • Stones, Dirt packets..
  • Dolls
  • Many More.

Advanced Talismans might include:

  • an Mp3 ( advanced because of the digial translation)
  • Empowered Videos
  • Web Pages
  • Iphone apps or Android Apps
  • Other applications
  • Headphones
  • Computers
  • ( if you are doing any of these let me know, I might want to contribute to your experimental magic).


  This is covered in Hands-On Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation through the Ovayki Current and there may be additional rules for whatever paradigm you are working with.

Any purpose is valid, although I recommend people stick to positive intentions unless you really know what the hell you are doing.

Now, you will probably need supplies.

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