Merry Meet for a new Challenge.

And this time a self-transformation one. Perfectly timing now the spring is finally on its way.
I just recently celebrated the Spring Equinox.

So now it is time for an inner spring cleaning too.
Since I have been working with meditation for so long, I seem to get a bit lazy, and often do not take the time that is really needed for working in the meditation.
So for this challenge, I will try out something that is new for me. There are so many guided meditations on youtube. And It has been many years since I have been the one being guided in the meditation.
Since it is for spring cleaning, and I just met an interesting man, who works with tantra. I better go deep and do it right.

I have chosen to work with Qigong in the mornings with these meditations.

And with cleaning the chakras in the evening, with these meditations:

Before I really start, I will use the first day for cleaning out the body too. So I will pick fresh nettles, and make a strong tea of them. That tea and water will be the only thing I will drink on this day of fasting. There is no reason to use the money on a detox when it is growing in nature all for free.

Besides, I will do only this meditation on the evening of the first day:

Blessed Be, and let us clean out the winter.