oh my!

I am seriously enamored of this tome.

My plan was to use aggripa’s writing as research for beginning planetary magic.  That has changed with today’s reading.  This book is chock full of information and correspondences.

I will still begin work with planets (as I was advised to do), however, I can see that distilling and incorporating the information contained in this series of books will be a challenge that could last far beyond the 30 days of the beginners mind challenge.

I am picturing a resource formed from the information that is easy to read (old English translations, not so much) and use with magical operations.

This could be a much bigger project than I first anticipated – and I’m only to chapter 9!


This is exciting and a little overwhelming – I’ve been feeling like I need a challenge, and I am certainly being presented with an opportunity for exactly that. And maybe more – I can see that I could easily be overcome as well.



Three Books of Occult Philosophy, or of Magick; Henry Cornelius Agrippa