Continuing to feel


for the future

wandering the value of going for teaching vs ‘puter


no happy with me that I tend toward the ‘down’ side

the inertia rather than the challenge


keep thinking that it will change at the end of this semester – and I feel like my options will expand

~*~ I should enchant this ~*~






Colorless (nearly*)


Vital for all known life




Universal solvent

“the only common substance to exist as a solid, liquid, and gas in normal terrestrial conditions” –Wikipedia–


*a little blue: the last visible color


I’m a little amused at the fact that water has a slight blue color – in light of an article in business insider “no one could see the colour blue until modern times”  12-25-2015


That is my preliminary presentation for #8 – “the highest good is like water” –gia-fu feng-; “flows without thinking about where its going” –ron Hogan–


I like that this passage speaks of flowing and uses water as the example

Maintaining homeostasis – stable, yet powerful – present


I think that’s all I will say about that




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