Something feels shifted today, not sure what exactly, my way of viewing things


The fact that there is so much more out there that I could be doing

That I’m capable of doing –

That I would have passion for doing



When I first read this section, it was troublesome to get a mental grip on the concept

Until I remembered something from a few years back


I was feeling particularly “in the fog”

And in a mood that I wanted ‘everything’

Was feeling particularly sad that I didn’t have everything actually –

And one day I was out riding – and realized that I HAD everything

I was enjoying the beautiful fields, the sky, blue with lovely ‘stiff whipped topping, piled high’ clouds,

I was driving past fields, small homes, other travelers, streams and ponds…..

All of it mine

for the sheer pleasure of being there


and I realized – I didn’t have to pay for it to enjoy it – I didn’t have taxes or maintenance or legal hassles – or neighbor issues

no worries about protecting it

just riding and enjoying and taking it all in


that memory helped me with #7

not being attached to ‘one’ – allows for being united with ‘all’

that attachments get in the way – often



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