Today my intention was to get a floor wash blessed & made with a powder to continue the goals I set out. Did that happen? NOPE. I kept getting off reads during my prepping of the herb selection.

Now, at this point I started to analysis the energy patterns. Subconsciously even if it was just an aspect of me was heavily against the work. Great…So confirming more mixed reads around this area, I decided to go to town.

I went into healing and transforming the block then re-alchemizing it via Reiki work. This went on for awhile, I actually vocally sobbed while healing & transforming the block. Once I felt it settled, reads were done to see if this issue was not going impede the floor wash & powder. Seemed clear, from there..the reads were clear & I got the formulation of herbs for the wash & powder to happen.

Going give this a day to settle in & re-visit the reads in a day or 2 to make sure they were accurate and not skewed.