So I’ll be doing Qigong enchantments for this challenge. I will most likely start adding sympathetic magic on the side or even during the Qigong process to amplify.

I will be doing multiple runs of this Qigong set with Sigils or metaphorically visualizations since I have alot of goals I want to hit. I already did 1 set, the goal is maximum 4 runs, minimum 1 a day. Each set takes about 15-20 min for me. Researching, the aim for timing on this Qigong set is 8-12 min…that is an ideal.

Well formed goals have been implemented on the ground to help pair with energetic changes. I have to elaborate & detail them better still, however I’m going to be as specific as possible – down to time of day & time.

Today it wasn’t too bad so far, did 1 set. I felt the resistance in the body dissolve and mental shifts around the goal taking place. I’ll have to do a read to check out things after.