The intent revised


Thoughts of a full out ritual – became the continuation of what has already been in motion

No changing gears at this stage


Uriel has requested attendance

And has been a heavy presence throughout the day

& I welcome his familiar presence


Q-rambling talking to self – fool

Only a fool does not form the question well


Q-Uriel, I sense the other angels, are they here too? – yes

And I am honored

– some of this oil will need to be put with/in my angel box


Unwrapping the jar

– so shiny – rich – beautiful


Q-time to strain? – Joy – yes


The oil/herbs are dumped into the container that has been holding the jar and candles – the emptied jar is wiped with fingers, drained, then with a cloth.

The white cloth prepared above the cleansed jar

The oil and herbs gently poured into the cloth to strain it

Feeling Uriel helping the process – gently / respectfully

While reflecting on the efforts – and time – and work – and results of this 30 day challenge


Becoming lightheaded / disoriented & seeing Uriel’s hands with mine – keeping me steady

When the oil clears and is in the jar, the herbs are tied into the white cloth with the pink ribbon – 14 wraps counted


The outer jar / my hands

Cleansed of oils

The jar will/may need the sigil redrawn

The oil has helped it slip away


My writing is terrible and I hope I can read it later

Enjoying the moment

The completion

The peace


Must go and ground now

Before it becomes even more difficult


Later I will use the oil and dress the candles and remember to add a vial to the angel elements


Q-complete? – yes




Grounding Now!!!


Grounding with waterfall banishing and feeling like a balloon on a sting

I’m not crazy about energy going through my feet – but its never been like this

This was energy pushed To my feet – and it stopped right there

Like cement

– and I feel the weight of Uriel as I start the waterfall banishing again

I tell Uriel that he is free to leave – yet I feel him heavier, pressing down

On me / through me

& realize he is earth, pushing the energy to ground me

Pushing – pushing – heavy

And I feel my feet sink through the floor, down, until I’m touching the ground – he /we hold me there


I feel the release and the lightheadedness clearing

Uriel took his leave, letting me complete the banishing


It stormed last night – through the night

From the leaving of the last month to the coming of the new – thunder water


Considered sacred when it occurs during special ceremonies


I am truly honored

And blessed