Dishes, laundry, completing crochet items

– for me this is huge


I can feel the creativity begin to flow again and know that more that will follow


Light the candle

Clear the space


Tonight I feel the peace, feel the happy – as I see the flame take hold and the sigil is illuminated from behind/within

Tomorrow the culmination of this work – the ritual that puts the polish on the finished oil

An oil that I can use to instill peace that fills joy – for years to come

I’ve lived long enough to know that life is full and empty

That what pleases today may become pain tomorrow

That the devastation of this moment can lead to the most astounding transformation tomorrow


I welcome this working – this creation of a blessed oil that will soothe empty, lonely places as well as add endurance and longevity to times of blessing


I look to my path with the intent of maintaining the mid-road of stability


My life has been one of random change and extreme emotion

While I welcome randomness

I have also craved that thread of …..



That foundation that hold your space and is a healing

After the randomness

The place where choice and decisions are well made


I had a long conversation with the granddaughter tonight about just this

Feeling secure

That underlying baseline foundation that is not unduly influenced by the struggles or by the emotions and manipulations in response to immediate circumstances


She is a very insightful soul, who allows me the privilege of expanding her views


Do I need this oil for  these changes to continue and stabilize my life

No – I don’t

But it provides very tangible material evidence of the work done

And a reminder of what remains to be accomplished


I still feel giddy


And humbled


And resolute


Q-Uriel? – sure