Rough day at work – too tired and a negative coworker

And the perspective of being in a role that is irrelevant


Happy with the way this work is affecting me personally

Unfortunately – realizing that I did not account for surrounding negativity and the input that would carry


Much depth to this working that has developed along the way

More to come, I’m sure

[I’d like to write a book – title ??  – my life is not a funny tale] [maybe I should write my EMS stories – regaling some coworkers – …I miss that job]


Need to think in terms of bigger, better things <as my pen runs out of ink – I love irony>

Random wandering thoughts tonight – current jobs / former jobs / future jobs

Especially – maybe due to knowing that my life is about to take a turn


Thinking on that path of where I’ve come from – where I was – where I’m going

Trying for one of the 1st times in my life to actually put goals in place – to ‘end’ at a place desired – rather than where each event leads / or lands me


There is much to be grateful for, to be proud of

I will try to keep these in mind during the random (short lived) bouts of anger that I still experience


Light the candle

Clear the space

(maybe this coming experience will add another line)