The rest of the challenge was a little less structured.
I decided to stop with The Bornless Ritual. I didnt get a connection, or didnt get through in the right way. If it was because I didnt have the right focus, or still are a bit rusty in energy work, Im not sure of. But I didnt feel the tingle once in the first 15 days.
I didnt draw a rune for everyday. And didnt write a note of what I wished to recieve everyday.
I just let them stumble in, when they came too me.
And I still meditated, and worked with my energies and opening and closing my chakras.
And I still worked the Chi-gung everyday.

But in more than being unstructured, the last days of the challenge got a bit more chaotic, than what I expected.
My mood went up and down, old feelings I hadnt felt for a long time, came stumbling back. I laughed and i really really cried.
I thought I was going mad, or going into menopause.

But luckily it ocurred to me, that It was all the feelings of what I have left in the first basket, that came back. Apparently I had to feel it all over again, before I could be released from it.

But in the end, it got quiet. And I ended up with these notes I put in the second basket.

– Getting things done. Rune: Ing.
– Trust stomach feeling. Rune: Lagu.
– Have patience. Rune: Elgr.
– See all my good sites clearly. Rune: Hagal.
– Getting my Witchcraft back on. Rune: Odal.

I send the basket into the river, for bringing the wishes into action.
And from the runes of the wishes, I made a sigil for my alter.