Waterfall banishing

Clearing the space

Lighting candle – and immediately feeling a sense of peace – and I smile


I really am liking the response that is becoming


Feeling in an intuitive/practical sense, that herbs must be added to the jar before the oil – so it fits


And on a magical level that the oil should be in the jar – the same way that the herbs have been prepared into the bags


Q-oil first – yes

Q-now – no


Inspiration – sitting with the energy – allowing it to fill the space / the ingredients / the tools / and me

Influence –

PEACE – deep abiding sense of peace – unrelenting and unaffected by circumstances

Knowing that things work to the best

– entwined with the sigil – the intent and the purpose

To the core of my being

… stop gritting teeth

… the tingling sensation / restlessness that makes me uncomfortable

Q-why – reaching the goal


JOY – no strong sense of joy/happiness – but rather a sense of neutral emptiness – a preparation – preparing and holding space


PSYCHIC AWARENESS / HEALING – for recognition of the hurts and issues and the ability to heal them – deeply – in the oil jar and oil carrier that facilitate


The candle tipped, after the flame was out – as if eager to escape and begin spreading peaceful joy


Impact – a relaxing encounter.