Set up the supplies, cleared the space, charged the sigil


Inspiration – I read my horoscope for this month. Each year I pull a turn of the clock spread for the coming year.

April is all about relaxing. Taking it slow. Making time for self. Working on personal changes.

This could not fit with the magic more wonderfully.


Influence – I’ve been drowning in an underlying sense of anxiety for some time – with a lovely stress-induced cold sore.  Good thing I have some Healing Salve from lotions, potions, and notions. I could feel the healing throughout the day and felt so much better tonight than I did yesterday.

That being said, I am now up later than I’d like because I followed that ‘relax’ advice.

A bit tired, but not feeling the stone of anxiety that has been hovering around my solar plexus.


Yesterday I did not get a positive reading for pouring the oil into the jar, that may show differently in the next few days as I work with invoking the intent energy into/onto the jar.


Having the oil in the jar will be more convenient – if it doesn’t leak  J


Q-invoke into jar – no

Q-pour oil into jar – no

O-fill the space with intent energy – yes


As the peace/joy energy is invoked into the space, the more it works to become a part of me.

As I slip into the peace, as the everyday issues begin to dissolve, I become aware of a kernel of anxiety that remains/


Perhaps at some point I will work to find the origin – but not yet.


Purposely invoked the intent energy into the space – and just sat with it – allowing peace/joy sensations and insight


Impact – the final oil will be a long term product of the process of a personal transformation, beginning with 30 days