A little spill – but all is well


The end of this working is near – but not the end of the effects


Listening to the thunder build


Watching the flame flicker

Nearly out with trying to keep from being buried

A little help – a little clean-up and she burns like a beacon


We can learn so much in the simplest occurrences

We all need that help at times

That clean up – that reset


And we rarely achieve it alone

It takes outside eyes to help open our own


Cleansing the old wax from a candle so that it can burn bright and steady

Preventing its drowning in the melt of its own making


Or cleaning up the rooms we live in – the thoughts we think – the outdated behaviors that no longer serve


We need that honest friend or loved one to be unafraid of speaking the truth

We need our own Fortitude to listen to and consider those truths


We need the belief in self that puts the wheels of transformation into motion

And we need well defined methods, like these 30 day challenges, to give the wheels direction


Light the candle

Clear the space

Exchange the energy