Did some things I like today

But up too late doing it  J


Inspiration –

Q-Push energy in – yes


Light the candle

Clear the space

Waterfall banish


Using sigil to invoke energy intent

Feeling it fill the space – fill me

Pushing the energy into the jar / the herbs / the oil


Q-ending/last day-drain herbs, bundle in white cloth/pink ribbon – yes


Influence –

Feeling resistance to the pushing as the energy pushes back and I can feel this become a flow

Mutual – traveling up my arms – healing – a different sensation than I feel when someone else needs healing – but the same understanding that this is for me

A pressure / tingling – but isn’t

No pain


Impact –

And another – that I will have a good year – meet people – enjoy


I like these promises


The energies surround and flow like wind & waves

To me from me

Like the movement of song & poem


A healing exchange

& I am grateful