Reading a little – not much else

Right now

Could probably be doing more – but I’m not


Its ok, April is resting / recovery


Some things that appeared promising yesterday –  do not today

Its ok – the flame turning to embers, for a few more days

The rain and wind are (are not?) helping


I guess that depends which side you’re on


So for now, rest

Rest –  Following the flow

And after that – I want more


The sigil

The flame.  It’s almost a continual loop

With flair

And then – movement

Above and Below

Left and Right

Ascending – Simple – Humble,

with flair


A lot of hustle and stress went into this small bundle I fold – it is nice to remember

Nice to keep in mind the slow, yet rocky, transformation from that chaos

To this moment of peace and contentment

A line from a song comes to mind

And nothing else matters


And right now – it doesn’t