Strangely neutral today

Not happy with some of the events – but not unhappy either


This suspension is ok for a minute

That’s what April is supposed to be for me – and I’ve been rushing it


I’ve been feeling angry


I want my life

Working for me – doing for me

I need to move forward –

I’m so ready to start doing this for me – moving forward for me


And I have been ready for this for so long – even during a former inertia


Inspiration –


Clearing space

Lets see what May brings me


Influence –

It is nice to feel a sense of peace – more often – amid stressors and uncertainty

Heavy thoughts and beginning movements to doing something that counts / gives back


Taking advantage of some leadership trainings at work?

Starting a process of certification?


Impact –

Reclining with the jar of herbs close to my solar plexus (ergonomics not design)

Thinking / Reflecting


At one point I looked up and saw that the tray was missing the herb jar and had a moment of being disturbed

(where did it go)

Then looked around and saw it sitting by me


Then a realization that the intent energy is so comfortable and familiar and balanced – that I had forgotten it was there