Inspiration – I’m finding that just lighting the candle is activating the space and I find myself smiling.

Divination for how to proceed.  I need to reduce the amount of herb that I am actively working with to the amount that will be used. This will help control the work space as well.

I have some small baggies, they are cleansed in the same manner as that used last night.

It was my intention to have a clear plan before beginning the magic, but there has been so much change during this month of preparation, that I wouldn’t know where to begin.

Its quite a lovely thing to know that I can trust the process.


Beginning with clearing the space.

Q-pour oil into the jar – no


I worked with each herb, pouring small amounts into the labeled small bags, then doing divination to verify the amount.  These were done using the ‘order of ingredients’ list from yesterday. The process took a bit of time. I had to back track more than once for not remembering the simple rule to ask clear questions.  I found that specifying that I wanted to verify the amount of each herb to use “for this purpose” to be superior to simply asking ‘is this the right amount.’

Asking the right question – it helps assure you get the right answer J


I found that meadowsweet, with its odd shaped and sized pieces, was not easy to pour.


Q-how to proceed –

Invoke the energy – no

– into the space – yes

– Into the jar – yes

(asking the right questions, it counts)


Using the sigil

– invoking the energy – pushing it into the jar that will hold the oil / herbs


Filling myself with that same energy

To transform

What is

To what will be


I won’t be invoking the white cloth/pink ribbon until the end – the jar will need to be opened for ingredients


This process will take some work – I’m finding a certain level of underlying anxiety that hampers ‘peace’




had a bit of work to blow out the candle – I think we are all liking the energy of the space

even if I’m not getting it completely for myself yet.


Influence – I am feeling the peace, and resultant joy with this energy.  Doing the work is more time consuming and more enjoyable than I would have initially believed.


Impact – I’m not a magic virgin – I understand the process and the workings – as much as most can –

this is beginning to up the game.