I’m feeling frustrated and restless – some pushback from my personal paradigms, habits, & mindsets in response to my demands for change perhaps


I’m still very tired from the prolonged time frame with lack of sleep

On a mission to remedy that beginning tonight


This is where the real magic begins


Where the research and hunting and blending and clearing becomes real


This is where the opportunity/intention you create through various methods

Meets you


Where your will and habits and inertia and cultural teachings (learnings) hit full flat face up against those things your heart and good intentions create


Can You Do It

Can you open the things in yourself and clear out the issues that you want and expect to be transformed


Or do you stay in your doubt – your fear and anger and excuses


I am challenged with that

Able to feel the peace and joy

Able to feel the anger and distrust and skepticism

See them open to the circumstances happening around me

And struggle to close against the transformation

Against my efforts to the contrary


Problems at work

Problems with friends

Problems happening in your neighborhood – in the world


I have witnessed the social media offerings of people I know

Year after year

And I could likely write those posting for them

Or even cut and paste portions of the experiences they have shared

And it would remain accurate and relevant now – even copied from years ago


I witness this to such a degree that there have been removals to prevent my perusal of their neverending story


At times – I have looked back over my own social shares to discover my own theme – and take efforts to change them


This working is one of the efforts – one of the most public


I am going to resort to a theme now

Something highly personal and deeply important


People have family – I am blessed to have two


My second family is a bit scattered geographically – south – west – (far) east (did you like that Zac?)

I have called these individuals family for 10 years

I have personally witnessed the lasting transformations of every member

Including and especially me


These transformations have come about through our honest & loving interactions

And all facilitated, encouraged, guided, and at times outright pushed

By our mentor and guide


He is yours as well – if you are partaking of these 30 Day Challenges


Listen closely – there are many secrets if you pay attention


Thank you for letting me share – tonight is working definitely on the side of clearing personal space to allow lasting transformation

I will try to hold this memory – this feeling – for days that are not