So very tired.  My own fault, watching tv, internet strolling and not getting the tax numbers ready


Clearing space

Putting the Last herb into the mix!


Some distracted thoughts about work as I hunt for the place to find my peaceful joy place – and I’m greeted by sparkles


Inspiration – restless – I’ve been told when that happens to go deeper. A bit worried that if I do I will fall asleep.  That would not be good with lit candles


Influence –

Passion flower – peace

It seems that I started by adding a peace herb – appropriate that the last comes full circle.


More socially appropriate – not saying / doing things that are awkward.

Not acting like a 2 year old with a tantrum

I like this feeling of evenness

Not that these things don’t come up – but not with every interaction


Comfortable and peaceful are helping make me happy


Q-add last herb –

Q-clarify – yes


Impact –

They are together – the herbal mix is complete!

Happy Dancing


It is so peaceful and so beautiful that I may be reluctant to add oil tomorrow


A few clarify questions that needed divination, and off to bed