Very late, very tired, trying to get my taxes ready and stressing the lack of overtime


Sat down to do my work and I felt

Alert and cheerful   —    very nice


Inspiration –

This has been a long road, a lot of prep and I love the preliminary results. Basking in the feel of the space before beginning the work

Meadows and streams and bright colored art.  J  Vibrating


Influence –

Tonight: healing and awareness


Q-is the jar as charged as it feels – big yes


Charging the herb, happy thing

Seeing an ‘iron boy’ (full metal alchemist) – gently though

My arms are hurting to and at the elbow. This healing if for me.

It dissipated like tingly fireworks as soon as I think “I don’t have a lot of years left – I need to pack a lot into them”


Make it count!


Impact –

This mix is visually appealing, the way the colors, the shapes, the movement interact.

Charging the jar and we are both building excitement.

One herb to go before the oil!

I feel the energies pulse through me – see the eddies of a swirling vortex, like mini dust devils, breaking things loose – stirring things up – sweeping thing clean


Q-ok for tonight – yes (successful birth of an enterprise)