Meditation with the energy – intended results


Inspiration –

A recap of the process so far.  I started by wanting to choose herbs by interaction and experience. This proved daunting and unreliable.  I then used “The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews” by Scott Cunningham to find a list of herbs connected to the intention keywords: happy, peace, healing, psychic awareness, and magical power.

With much divination for the best number of herbs (initially one per keyword) and an ongoing process of choice by elimination, the 5 herbs were chosen.  Now came the biggest challenge – obtaining them.  He two florals were proving to be, not impossible, but cost and time prohibitive.  I used “Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences” by Sandra Kynes to find additional herbs that corresponded with the aforementioned keywords.  Using the additional list, more divination was done, and the list narrowed.  See Self Transformation Challenge: peaceful joy – Research-Rinse-Repeat Day # 31 – 3-31-2017 for more detail on that process. With 6 herbs in hand, I gathered supplies and began the magic.



Tarot deck

Mala beads

Florida water


Metal tray

White cloth

White candles

The 6 herbs

Grapeseed oil


White cheesecloth and pink ribbon


Container to hold herbs

Small ceramic cup

Small stone bowl

A few cloths

Herb tool

Paint markers


I lit the candle on my alter and cleared space with florida water and banishing.  The intent to cleanse each item to being used for this magical process and possibly obtain an appropriate sigil for the jar and candles.


The list of keywords and associated herbs:

Peace: meadowsweet, st john’s wort, passion flower

Happiness: meadowsweet, catnip

Healing: cinnamon, thyme

Psychic awareness: cinnamon, thyme


The order of ingredients: st john’s wort, catnip, cinnamon, meadowsweet, thyme, passion flower


Because I have not clearly defined the process, I will be using divination to determine the steps.

Q- ready – no

I retrieved the records used to obtain the herbal list, water (for hydration), and mala beads

Q-ready – yes


Cleansing the items in the cleansed space by pulling energy from above, energy from below, and using the intersecting power area to sweep/push out any negative or undesired energy from each of the items.

Q- done – yes


By the time I was completing the item cleansing, the space had become so well cleared that these the final items were becoming easier to cleanse.


Began creating a sigil, first with some visualization, then with the more classic method – using the symbols of the language.  It took a few tries.  I am very happy with the results, initial sketch shown below.

Q-done for this day – no


I invoked the energy for peaceful joy – and put the sigil on the jar, and candles


Q-done for this day – yes


Influence – I found that trying to use “peaceful joy” with malas is awkward. I found that simply using “peace” decreases my feelings of stress and helped boost the ‘joy’

I need to do some further research into the definition of peace.


Impact – It was a bit surprising that the herb that relates to the greatest number of keywords took the longest to cleanse, even though being done toward the end of this work, when the space worked with the cleansing. I noticed that the jar I will using to combine ingredients was the hardest to clear; there was a great deal of negativity attached.  Surprisingly, the grocery store bought oil was one of the easiest to clear.  I was expecting that to be difficult due to the contact with such a variety of shoppers.