Day 29, April 7

Well, you know that claim.  Don’t worry about, the cash will be there and my claims that the Karma of that decision would be removed. Oh, a whole bunch of cash is going to come into the family.  Yep. My claim that I would have a different car within a couple months or less, guess what, it is happening and sooner then I thought.  That power of the word being enough to do the magic, well there it is.  It might take me a couple months to fix the credit but I am on it.  Magic works like that.

So I Tried this infinite expansion of mantra.  Holy shit.  I could not get through one mantra.  3 hours, one mantra.  Time slowed down, I tripped ball being drawn into weird convolutions of time and thought.  Complete time diffusion.  ITs been a while since that happened.  So This mini-experiment, not so sure this worked but it was a fun ride.