Day 28, April 7

So now we are getting to some weird oddities.  So against my better judgement, I prayed and prayed did a little work and tried to the infinite expansion of mantras and tried to do it.

Prayed got through the chakra work and then booooyaaa. prayed for each mantra I do to count as an infinite mantras and I started.

I got through a syllable into mantra and started hallucinating and I mean hard.  I would come back and get into the mantra, one syllable and hallucinating.  Deep in space, weird visions outside of time, crazy shit, planets colliding, black holes, storms, and other realities,   3 hours later, I think I got through 1 mantra. Only One mantra.  so again that was like 2am start and then 5 am madness from that shit.

So I again started to talk about doing crazy magics and fun times also vast mental improvement.   So again started looking at cars and that shit would turn around … but once again this kinda of decision then shit just happens around it, is how my magic  works when I am getting at hard core more optimal levels. Now I need to start doing the Qigong on a daily basis as well.