Day 27, April 6

Today started off rough and shit basically.  My car was in an accident.  Usually, I checked and checked this out about magical attacks and the like.  This too was a karmic burn.  The car is a reminder of a difficult compromise that I made for the best good of my family.  For a while, we only had one car but it was a car I had a pretty deep attachment too and it was a car that really was worth a decent amount.  That care was so tied to Papa Ogun ( a spirit I have a close tie with), it literally acted like stallion and armor in dream magics.  To make it possible for my family to function, I traded my car in on two cars because I received a strong omen to do so.  Now the dealer, he just was a cock sucker.  We got to keep our payments where we needed them, but honestly speaking, they didn’t bring out anything I was happy with and I don’t do well with grey cars and it was all we had.  My finance got a white car she was and is happy with, and I made sure to introduce her to the beauty of subwoofers.  I had no regrets about making that deal to get the two cars.  It was absolutely what we needed to do to help us survive.

Really grey anything not so good with, everything has to be brilliantly color for me,  black being ok.  Grey.. No.  just no .  A weird Andrieh Anomaly… and I associate the grey with stasis and not in a good way.  So of course, I got into an accident and I usually, when I get in any accident I trade in my cars.  I know that seems weird, but I assume the protections are breaking down, and it is time to trade it in because well ( even slight), cause it does not feel like mine.  There are sometimes exceptions to that rule, when I cant afford shit, but usually that’s how I roll.

The readings were all clear this was Karmic kinda marking of the car.  So I did meditate on it a great deal, to really release the frustrations around it.  I mentioned that I would get a different car.  I was met with a little like how the fuck can we afford that and started saying stuff like I used tooo. fuck it, it will just happen.   Since I am backdating shit, I will explain in the next blog post.  Magick you just gotta love it.

So in the work I did a full 108 for each the chakras and went to town on the multiple Kali invocations.  I used a technique of temporal anomalies to try to increase the power and weight of each mantra ( aka expand the power of a mantras to many fold more powerful).  We did indeed seem to do this successfully do this from our perception of the work and readings.   So while it seemed effective, we were giving the message ( zac was doing it with me), to try to expand the mantras through a bit of time loop and other techniques that each loop of the mantra would be like an infinite level of mantras.

I expressed some concerns like what could that do to the body.. sure.. fucking intensity, but it seemed bad.  We have gotten up to what we perceive as “10K per mantra” in power. Now, I know this is not normal, but I am pretty good at time magick.  Kali is literally the Goddess of Time, Change, Power, and Destruction.  The results in my life speak as if we were far far more levels of mantra work done, then have been.

Now that I was gifted the knowledge that I should try it, I have. I will try to write down methods for doing this after I really write it down and figure it it out.