Day 26, April 5

Sometimes Destruction is a form of creation.  I was able to do the meditation slightly earlier then I thought.   9pm.  Work is rough, but I was able to do more and more of the work.  I did a  good huge number of repetitions with the flame. Went crazy with the repetitions.  I did it with Zac, and shit was Crazy hallucinate again.

Work is getting harsh, but I am clearing up so much of my social setting. I am able to detail, lots of changes in social communications. My close personal connections purifying.  My head is clearer. Many things freeing up and better.  Some of the bitterness, is getting released.  I am able to move forward.  Life still have problems, but it is moving forward.  Lots of positive signs. There are a few things I am not sure about, but the communications are more clear and flowing. These are major steps.  Major improvements in both social, and my general.  Shifts to my energy include vast improvements. Even getting Crazy with the magic again.  Again I think thats a combination of the Mass of Chaos and Kali work.