Day 24, April 3

As part of getting my shit together, I started this WAY sooner at like 9 pm.  Still stayed up to 3am.  Had Zac on the line, we were trying an experimental technique of  expanding mantras through deep prayer.

Did a full 108 for each chakra and 3 japamala for the longer Kali mantra, It’s clear I almost have the mantra mastered to go into the big show ( the 10 hour ritual). I went in and out of time/consciousness with the mantra but was able to rattle through the mantras quickly.  Zac reported strong hallucinations, and he could hear me talking over the mantra and talking about different things  ( thats not possible as I was doing the mantras live).  They were comments like yes keep going, this is going correctly, etc in my voice. We assumed these comments was him hearing my surface thoughts.  We were looping the mantra into the flame. So it was deep and hard into trance state.

Unfortunately, with the week I had my head up my ass, I was not able to get to the point of doing it outside while dancing the mantras out nor have I got gotten the Gigong integrated into my daily work.   Just need more time.

Again seeing more financial benefits, Some improvement in genreal but mostly alot more hope.