The initial days of the challenge will involve the following steps so this will be 40+ days:

During work or in the morning:  


At night, I will be doing theses meditation:

I will be following a clearly left hand path on the Mantra yoga here.  Normally, from the normal work you will have to go to purify yourself, go to a pure space, go to the most serene spot.   The Left hand says, get used it it … everything is part of the world SO everything is pure.  Thus I will be trying to get the meditation to work on the train, at bus stops, driving, in abandoned warehouses ( maybe during the day), hospitals, cemetaries.. yep you name it.

I still have to work on the Chakra meditation in detail, but each day I will start to with a full chakra work, then followed by

Om Hrim Shreem Klim Adya Kalika Param Eshwarwaha

Once it gets warm enough, I will try to do the mantras while dancing them out.

This will will be 40 days+… 40 days then continuing to the weekend.  The rough goal will be to get to 20,000 mantras but I won’t count, instead I will get deep as  possible, roll deep each time… then assume its right.   The purposes of the 40+ days is to really activate the mantra.  Each day I will try to meditate too, to deal with the shit thats shaking loose (already happening).

 The final stage of this will use the The Simplified Fire Homa Procedure

Originally from the, Modified by Andrieh Vitimus
Materials needed: Homa kundam, wooden/copper/ silver spoon/ladle, melted ghee and pieces of dried
coconut (or wood or dried cowdung cakes).
(0) Sit facing east and place homa kundam in front of you.
(1) Place some dried coconut pieces or wood or dried cowdung cake pieces in homa kundam (fire pit).
(2) Light a camphor and place it in the homa kundam while saying “om bhuurbhuvassuvarom” and make sure
that the pieces placed in homa kundam catch fire.
(3) Pour ghee drops with a wooden/copper/ silver spoon/ladle in the fire while saying the following:
• om prajaapataye svaahaa
• om indraaya svaahaa
• om agnaye svaahaa
• om somaaya svaahaa
• om bhuurbhuvassuvaH svaahaa

(4) Thinking of Ganesha in your mind, pourghee drops in fire while saying the following:

• om gam gaNapataye namaH svaahaa

• om gam gaNapataye namaH svaahaa

• om gam gaNapataye namaH svaahaa

• om gam gaNapataye namaH svaahaa


Om Hrim Shreem Klim Adya Kalika Param Eshwarwaha

[OM HREEM SHREEM KLEEM Ahd-yah Kah-Lee-Kah Pah-rahm Ehsh-wah-ree Swah-hah]

Attempting to get to 10,000 mantras with fire ( which because of the fire is 100,000 mantras) enough to get Siddhi.

(6) When you are done, pour ghee drops in fire

while saying the following:

• om bhuuH svaahaa

• om bhuvaH svaahaa

• om suvaH svaahaa

• om bhuurbhuvassuvaH svaahaa

• om shrii viShNave svaahaa

• om namo rudraaya pashupataye svaahaa

(7) Try to surrender your mind as completely to

god as you can. Sit absolutely still and meditate

for a few minutes with any mantra.

Who is Kali

Do you own research but here.

To me, she’s time, primordial, the pure almost chaotic force of the darkness that illuminates,

In this, I am offering the destruction of the negative ego for spiritual advancement. Spiritual advancement always means life changes, and I know alot of the traits I picked up over the last few years, have not been consistent with my Will.  I won’t go into what happened.  I need to renew and I do that best in primordial places.

My start date will be March 11 On Saturday!