So I increased Mantra work to include routing this through the flame Flame ( candle flame).  The specific how-to of this will be in my Something about Fire Magic.  Usually I connect my intention to the flame, and the lower dantien.  This is inconvenient when working the chakras as the metaphor is different, so I just connect the flame to each chakra, and then to all of them at one time.  Then I do the mantra as if it is a bell through all the chakras.

So trying to do this, I literally blacked out several times.  The power was upped a lot and I had rebecca join me.  She blacked out too.

Major Social changes.

Well some of the issues I had in previous blogs, came, shit came to a head and then people changed.  So it was like it had to come out and it sucked, and then some people started acting and being different.  Completely different patterns of behavior.  I attribute that to the Kali work.


At the end of the ritual I feel asleep, but I dreamed I was still in the ritual room and could not move arms and legs, but was struggling to get out of the ritual room.  I was just paralized in the room and couldn’t tell how long time passed ( it was 3 hours).

Then I went to bed, and had more fucktitue in dreams.

I first had a dream where all these kids were dropped off at my house when I was a kid.  There were these kids tied to a machine that an alien or evil thing had set up in the washroom.  Everyone was shipped out, and then sent to a job training center.  Some of those kids become adults in the center.  It became a weird Brazil ( the movie momemnt)…  We could not get out.  Some of us were like, umm we have advanced degree, we invented this.. and they were just like find something to do.  I knew I was dreaming, and tried to break out, but I couldn’t.  Other people commented to me that they too knew they were dreaming and were trying to break out but couldn’t find a way out.  Eventually, I did something similiar to a death meditation ( which is not the best idea while dreaming) and then woke up in the real world.  I was so shaken by the sheer terror of that mundane place and the absolute inhumanity of the job training without regards to any skills or talents, and that I couldn’t break out that I would not go to sleep.  It clearly freaked the other people out too.  A scary reminder of our modern roles and society as Maya.