So we are Day 6,  Yesterday was really like a social day of tears and just fuckery.  I was not really looking forward today at all.  A lot of the social situations didn’t turn out as bad, or as permanent. I don’t know if shit will go better… but in Kali I will trust.

I got a secret technique from someone who is studying via an Ashram and called me specifically about Kali.   All the information she gave me panned out and took the research in slightly different directions  This seems to happen with the hindu shit, people just call me who are into it and gift me info.

So I tried the secret technique, It was interesting but I feel like I have to rework it a bit for it to work fully.  Like the technique has to fleshed out.  It hit harder then I would expected but not as hard I as I would have liked.  It requires meditation

Did multiple chakra work, and mantra work then tried the technique… but the secret technique really has to be used at the height or a deep part of mala work. when the flow is strong… very strong….