Most of the night, I have been crying.   I just couldn’t get myself banished enough to do the work. Honestly, someone said something so hurtful, that I have to really consider a lot of things right now in my life right now.  Honestly shit has been kinda real sour for a while, and the magical work is just bringing shit to a head.  Its Kali work after all, and people have choices in the situation, but I know I have to force some situations to change. It is really killing me. I dont want to even do the work with Kali today, but I will try.  The situation totally drained me.

I just cant do a vlog today, so I am going to resort to blog.  I take it as results that shits getting worse on  situations. although not the kind of results I wanted, but maybe the brutal honesty of today is what I need to show me the truth of what people believe.  I am sure they dont think they are in the wrong, and that’s fine too. I can not own their beliefs, but I can own my actions from here. I need to prioritize me for a while and really focus on blocking the poisons.  I can’t fix it, and I can’t alchemize it for people.

Yesterdays work was rough too. I got through the chakras and started the  Kali work.    passed out pretty quick, then woke back up and was right back into the mantra. Pass out soon later,  then wake up right into mantras… This went on for 3-4 hours.  I already covered what went on today in detail.  I am going to make sure to do the work today for Kali, but I am so energy drained.  I need to learn to protect myself better even from those who I love.

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