I have the feeling that the research for this challenge keep un going. Everytime I get something in place it opens up for new portalts of knowlegde, that I have to walk through to get there.
This Bornless Ritual is slippery, and I wants to know what Im calling, before I use it.
So, for now I have moved the start for my work until monday. Also energies havent felt right. Maybe I should not follow the moon this time, but the Mother Earth. And monday is the spring-equinox, good for new beginnings. <3

To get the energies working I have started some chi-kung. Right now I am working on moving the smile down to my stomack. Wich have started lots of thoughts about when I really smile, and when its just a reaction. Right now I can move the smile to my heart chakra, but cant get it further down. I think I have closed some things down, that I need to work with to get open again.
More about this in the later challenge updates.