Started with nothing when I came late into the challenge. But Magick is working, and the ritual I made for finding the way, has worked much better than I have hoped for.
Things have been flowing to me, since I asked for help.

All in all the plan for the 30 days challenge look like this:

I will start working on Fullmoone the 12’th of march.
And I will start with a Fullmoon ritual. (I will post more details about this ritual in a later blog.)

Following the moon I will everyday until Darkmoon make a note with something from my old life I wants to get rid of. Shredding the old skin.

At Darkmoon, the 28’th of march, I will make another ritual. Part of this ritual will be burnng the notes of the things I wants to get rid of. (More about this ritual will follow.)

From that day until next fullmoon I will write notes of what I like to gain, or give more attention, after the transformation work.

At Fullmoon the 11’th of april I will honour these new beginnings in the third ritual of transformation. (Details on this ritual, will also follow in a later blog)

Besides rituals following the moon I will, give myself some enjoyble task everyday.

I will draw a rune in the morning.

I will do The Bornless Ritual once a day, on a remote space in nature. I still havent found this spot. But I will find it before I begin and make it a sacred place, only for this work.

I will do some energy exercises everyday. To sharpen my sense of the energies flowing. And to higher the vibration Im working on.

Also I will make the challenge an escuse to get started working the Quaballah.

So now I only needs to get the lasts pieces in place. And the its ready, set goe… from Fullmoon to Fullmoon.