I had been working alone, since I left my old coven. I mostly left because I was struggling with depression. And a couple of years later an accident happened, so I lost all my books and all my magical weapons.
Since that I am finally getting a hold on the depression. But Its hard to keep yourself up to doing magick when your working alone.
That was one of the reasons I joined this c´hallenge. To get the magick kickstarted and flowing again.

I was a bit stuck in the research. Didnt know what to transform, and didnt know how to do it.
So I asked for help. I went out to my church, Nature. I connected with Mother Earth and Father Sky. And asked the animal helpers Im working with in my local area. I asked the Fox to lend me his eyes for seing in the dark. I asked the Slack squirrel to lend me his swifness in thinking. And I asked the Hare to lend me her bright senses, so that I would be avare. And finally I asked the three Goddesses, that I Have the deepest connection with, Trud – Frigg – Hell, to help me find my magick again

Since that things have started coming to me. I found a mistletoe, and its not for kissing, its the plant that Loki made an arrow from to kill his brother Balder. I found an empty house from a big snail. Ive got a set of runes from a dear friend. And yesterday The Bornless Ritual came to me.
Im still not sure to combine these things, and do not have a plan for the ritual work yet. But its gonna be interesting to find what else is showing itself to me on the way to get that plan.

But self transformation will be about shedding my old skin, leave all the bad concius for being sick, and hurting people I love, because I was so low with depression. Casting away the shadow of not being good enough, because I only had one choice, being me.