So hear is he deal: I did the work for days 20 through 31. This consisted of mindfulness meditation, pranayama, and asanas focusing on coordinating movement with breath. Some days I did all three and some days I did two or one. However, I got waaaay behind on posting. Since this was part of the discipline of the 30 day challenge, I would consider that I did not win the challenge. During the whole time period of the challenge I did at least 30 minutes of work every day and I saw very good result sin my overall energy level and state of mind and being. So in this sens I consider the challenge a success. However, discipline and exercising the will are essential for a magician. So hee I fell down since I did not keep to posting every day. Also, participating in a community of practitioners, such as the Magical 30, is an amazing way to learn and grow. I benefited greatly from many of your posts, so I apologize for not sharing my work everyday. I must say than you to Andrieh Vitimus for creating this forum that prompts me to practice daily and allows me to benefit from learning from others on similar paths. I am looking forward to the energy work challenge and seeing through with doing the work daily AND posting daily.


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