Meditation challenge – evaluation.

So this has been a very interesting month, I have seen and felt a lot of new things.

My goal going into this challenge, was at first better contact with my dragons, then the daemonic, then following a demonolatry mediation course I’ve done before. So did i reach my goal?? Well yes and no.
I didn’t do the demonolatry meditation course, but I definitely got better contact with my Dragon skulls and I got contact once more with Marbas, Gusion and Balam.

Did I reach the overall goal??
I would say yes, I did do the work.

Am I happy with the challenge??
Yes, some of the sessions was not all that fun, due to chatter and my mind fighting back. But at the end I got hold of the chatter and I got my mind under control. The last week the trance I got into was very powerful.

A part of the real challenge is to keep the flow of routine going.

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