The meditation on Day 7 told me everything i needed to know.

Evocation doesn’t seem to work for me the same way it works for others. Magick for me doesn’t work according to a timetable. I don’t get all the smoke and mirrors other people seem to get. What usually happens for me is, i conjure, then i go blank,  then something shows up, looks around, gives me a ONE word answer, a word of advice, or an impression, AND LEAVES.

And after that there’s basically nothing left to do but follow up in the real world and move on.

On Day 8 and 9 i received links to two different hypnotic and meditation systems that give better results than what i was doing. At the time i couldn’t afford them, so i stopped doing these meditations and began using a money hand i got from Dr.Christos Kioni a few years ago.

So basically, my 30 Days of Magick lasted 9 Days.


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