Day 32 – last and final day of the challenge. The reason for this extension, is both because of the event yesterday and because I wanted to meditate on all three daemons that I’ve used in this challenge: Marbas, Gusion and Balam.

This session gave me some new and strange sensations. After I had focused on the sigils and the enns I closed my eyes and focused on the daemons, their names and what they represent and while I do this I feel my head is getting bigger and bigger, like it’s filling up with knowledge. And I can’t feel my body and yet somehow I can.
I can see myself standing in a room, looking at a door, I go out the door and am standing in a long hall with many doors. I know that behind door I will find knowledge. And start to move to the nearest door, but my mind tells me that it’s not safe and I’m back in the room with the door.
After some time I open my eyes and look into the sphere while I’m still focusing on the daemons. The shadows start to move in the sphere and light around me seems to dim and then the light seems to brighten and dim again, this goes on for the rest of the meditation.

I won’t be able to post my evaluation until Monday, since I’m rather busy Sunday

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