So, I have been doing the work everyday but have not had a chance to post for a few days.

Day 8 (Wednesday, July 8):

I was gifted a certificate for an energy medicine session. Went after work. This was amazing and my energy was through the roof afterwards. After the session went straight to a concert/street festival – great music, great food, great people. I got home sort of late but meditated anyways. I was hyped up from the energy work and the concert. I meditated for twenty minutes but my mind was racing. Did ten minutes of breath work and stretching. Easing into each stretch with deep breaths. This calmed me down. It is interesting how coordinating movement with my breath really calms, centers and focuses me. It is also interesting how much further I can stretch when breathing deeply into the movement.

Day 9 (Thursday, July 9)

Ten minutes of yoga asanas. I did these really slowly, almost in sow motion, paying attention to my breath and movement This felt very good

Ten minutes of mindfulness meditation. Felt very open, just paying attention to thoughts and letting them drift by.

Ten minutes of breath work: Alternating nostril breath, belly breathing, breathing with a ration of in 4/hold 2/out 8. This felt exquisite.

Day 10 (Friday, July 10)

Went to an art fair and then to a new Moroccan restaurant with my girlfriend an some friends. When we got home, got into a slight argument. I walked around the neighborhood for a little while trying to focus on coordinating my breath and walking. At first this was difficult because I was annoyed but then my movement slowed, my breath slowed and my mind slowed. I was not totally cooled down but it helped. When I got home I meditated for twenty minutes and then did ten minutes of yoga postures and breathing. By this time my girlfriend had already gone to sleep and I was super tired so I went to bed. Today, all is calm with each of us, between us, and between us and the world. I think the work that I have been doing for this challenge did put some space between me and my reactions so I didn’t push the argument further but was able to stop myself and disengage, go for a walk and calm down.


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