This combined post refers to July 3 and July 4.

Day 3, July 3:

20 minutes mindfulness meditation. I started with focusing on body sensations, just being aware, witnessing, not judging. Started trying to focus on my breath but I had a difficult time settling my mind. Started to count breath (one -inhale, two -exhale, three – inhale, 4-exhale). The mental chatter did not really stop but I was able to just let go and focus on my breath to some extent. 

5 minutes pranayama consisting of alternating nostril breathing (breath in left nostril while holding right nostril closed, open right nostril and breath out then alternate repeatedly). I also did a rhythmic breath (inhale count of four, hold count of two, exhale count of eight).

5 minutes of yoga asanas while coordinating breath with movements

Day 4, July 4: 

Started twenty minute mindfulness meditation at 11:55 pm and ended at 12: 10 am so technically this went into July 5 day but I will count it as day 4 of the 30 day challenge because I did the work before I went to bed yesterday (technically today)and will  do another day’s work today which will be day 5 on July 5 and will continue for thirty days in a row.  I hope that makes sense. Or since time is a relative theory maybe I did all thirty days already at the same time in one meditation session:)

5 Minutes pranayama (alternating nostril breath and rhythmic breathing again at ration 4 count inhale, two count hold, 8 count exhale.

5 minutes asanas coordinating breath and body. 


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