Day 14 was just over 30 minutes. Deep, rhythmic breath and clearing the mind. Mind was bery calm that day, not very chatty. Good result. Concluded with mental performance of LBRP

Day 15 was outdoors, but mobile. Seated in van, Seated God posture, as usual. Same routine as last time in van. Session lasted 35 minutes.

Day 16. 45 min. session. Sat on porch, crosslegged. Maintained 4-2-4-2 rhythm of breath throughout, that was very comfortable. Cleared mind and focused on sounds around me without intent to judge them. A few breaks in that, but not very bad. Allowed any rising thoughts to softly pass, very few. Great session.

An aspirant walking through the golden fields beneath the Moon, heading toward the rising Sun. A Scorpio, a poet, and lover of music dark and moody. My blood type is O negative, and i’m not sure how that relates to anything at all (unless you’re Japanese perhaps :p ). I have a strange sense of humor that can get a little dark. I love cats, storms, and places of Otherness where I can connect with the weirds of nature, such as woodlands, parks and cemeteries. Deeply interested in most aspects of magic and mysticism. Student of Qvareia, a modern magickal school.Very much interested in Feri Tradition. My spirituality is an important aspect of my life.

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